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  MatWeb - Online Materials Information Resource

  Metal Working Digest - Cutting Tool Guide

  The Engineer's Edge - Design Resources

  URL Street.Com - Mechanical Design Resources

  ENGINEERING.com - Engineer's Ultimate Resource

  Eng-Tips - Technical Peer-to-Peer Forum

  YAHOO!: mechanical_engineering/design

  Mechanic's Surf - Mechanical Engineering Links

  CADalog.com - Online CAD community

  Brian's Engineering & Science Hot List

  iCrank.com - Mechanical Engineering Portal

  TenLinks - Web Organized for Technical Professionals

  Techdata - M.J. Van Voorhis' Engineering data

  Bad Designs


   Medical Device Link

   Medical Device Forum


 MIT Technology Review

 Stanford University - Center for Design Research

 Cederville University - Four Bar Linkage Program


United States Patent Office

NASA Technical Report Servers

NASA Technical Thesaurus

NIST - National Institute of Standards & Technology

FDA's MDR Data Files

FDA's Design Control Guidance for Devices


ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ANSI - American National Standard's Institute

ASTM - American Society of Testing & Materials 

ISO - International Standards Organization

SME - Society of Manufacturing Engineers

ADDA - American Design / Drafting Association 




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