Tim Brown: Truly Reliable Limousines - Home of the Truck-o-sine!

  Bob Cushing: One Man Band: An old Band-Mate who's still Rockin'!

  Derek Dugan: His company is CadVanced Solutions

  Drew Macke:  Aston Oaks Golf Course & Hillview Golf Course.

  Keith & Kristi Miedema: Interior Re-Decorator Extraordinaire

  Jim "Spuds" Miller: His band Dangerous Jim & The Slims Website.

  Lynn Novak's FluidWood.Com:  Wood Artist and Visionary.

  Brian Rhodes Productions: Production Director-Q101, WKQX, Chicago, IL

  Jeff Rooks: Renaissance Minstrel and Programming Guru

  WHRBL.COM: The West Side Boyz



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