Welcome to my attempt to document the works of one of the hardest working musicians in the recording industry.

Al Pitrelli's embodiment of work is so vast and dynamic that I believe it is practically impossible to capture all of his endeavors.  I first became familiar with his phenomenal playing on Randy Coven's material, then in his role as guitarist and musical director for Alice Cooper, and of most recent his contributions to the acclaimed Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The later of which was my inspiration to research and develop this site.

Many of you are probably more familiar with his efforts in the array of well-known Heavy Metal acts that he has worked with (and there are many...) I will try to at least to touch on his participation with all of these acts, but I wish to keep the focus of this site on his talents and keep this as a general information resource about the guitarist, Al Pitrelli.

Any information or corrections that you wish to contribute to this site would be greatly appreciated.  Even though I have done quite of bit of research, I feel that I have just scratched the surface.

I hope that you enjoy this site and perhaps it may introduce you to this great player.

Thank You,
Steven Henderson

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