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Music is an integral part of my essence. My parents were both passionate about music which rubbed off on me tremendously. Dad played trumpet and Mom played trombone. During their formative years, big band swing music was quite daring and the brass sections hailed supreme which lured them both to their horns.  They both tinkered on the piano as well.  Dad enjoyed playing and listening to honky-tonk and old school country.  Mom was quite the aficionado of progressive jazz. They couldn't totally appreciate my taste for hard rock and heavy metal, but they always supported all my musical endeavors. Most of my old band buddies can attest that my parents rocked.

I began my music training when I was about 7 years old with Piano and Organ Lessons. Wanting to be like Dad, I started playing trumpet when I was in the fourth grade and played until my Freshman year in High School. I was privately instructed from the well-respected band leader, Andrew Brady. I received superior ratings from the Ohio State Music Education Board during the 8th and 9th grades.   The structure of the public-school music system became very daunting and distasteful for me so I switched to guitar in 1982. Shortly after, my parents bought my first Electric Guitar and I took guitar lessons from Brian Rhodes at a local guitar shop. He was a major influence on my musical tastes and talents.  He introduced me to the stylings of talented musicians from the Jazz and Classical genres as well as Heavy Metal Guitar Gods such as local legend David T Chastain. He showed me that talent and attitude are what make a great rock musician. I can attribute much of my elitist attitude about music to Brian.  (Thanks Brian!)

In 1987, I began performing with local Cincinnati cover bands and played bars and nightclubs around the Tri-State area for almost 15 years. I had the pleasure and honor of playing with some very talented friends and meeting a lot of great folks that supported my musical efforts. At this time, I took private lessons from Phil Willis at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music's jazz guitar program.  Phil showed me a variety of tasty chords and he tried very diligently to stretch my playing style beyond Lifeson and VanHalen. He was somewhat successful and I can hack my way on an axe through some things that sound like jazz riffs and melodies. I also studied with one of the best Voice Coaches in Cincinnati, Mary Alexander.  Mary worked very hard with me for almost 8 years so the utterances coming from my mouth wouldn't curl paint.  I still don't know my limits, so I can still easily offend, but on occasion I have some nice moments that are in-key and have a listenable tone. The greatest compliment I received for my singing was, "Hey, you don't suck...".( 'nuff said)

Performing, lessons, practicing and rehearsals were a major part of my teens, 20ís and 30ís. Those were some of the best times of my life.  I haven't performed publicly for MANY years now and I don't have much desire to do it again any time soon.  The local club scene holds no charms for me and the thought of playing a corner bar for three drunks that want to hear some "Skynert" makes me nauseous. Nor do I find any prestige in playing classic rock peppered with the latest radio-rock songs for a bunch of thirty-somethings.  Somewhere down the line, "Rock" has been diluted with Marketing requirements and the world suffers through the noise-pollution of corporate pop and rock. (please support independent radio! which is only on the internet now.)

I still enjoy getting together with my friends and playing some of our old favorites in my basement. Although we usually end-up playing reggae versions of old Judas Priest songs while my dogs bark at us.  Believe me, IT IS UGLY!, but itís strictly for our own amusement.

Personally, I enjoy a very eclectic variety of music as you may tell from my Music Links page. I appreciate artists and performers who stay true to themselves without growing stale.  Growth, creativity, originality, and artistic integrity should be at the core of every artist and performer. They also need to have that fuckin' attitude. After all, isn't that what rock'n'roll was supposed to be about?

As you go through the links below you'll see each group I played with definitely had its own style and identity. Each band was a unique experience and all the musicians and supporters were awesome. My heart still warms when I think of them or run into them at various places around Cincinnati. This is my way to show my appreciation for all those folks and to reminisce about some very fun times.  Thank you for letting me indulge myself and perhaps quenching your curiosity.

Below are links to different groups that I have played with:








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